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Massage.......Facials.........Body Treatments.........Relaxation Time!

The Abayda Signature Massage is a good place to start if your new to massage or just not sure what to have. It has been the most requested treatment for over eight years. Below you will find a variety of massages, facials and body treatments to choose from, that are sure to leave you feeling relaxed, revitalized and not wanting to leave.


Abayda Signature Massage

Our Signature Massage is a relaxation massage. Using a unique blend of swedish, pressure points, reflexology and kahuna styles of massage. The Signature Massage is aimed at reducing your everyday aches, tensions and stress. Using Abayda's unique 'Relax' essential oil blend or pure unscented Organic Virgin Coconut oil. 

**Please note - no couples treatments are available. Treatments are booked one after the other with a 15 minute turnaround time inbetween.

30 minutes:   $65

45 minutes:    $75

60 minutes:   $85

90 minutes:   $115

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

This is a deeper pressure-style of massage, aimed at a particular problem area. Includes magnesium oil, which helps muscles relax thus giving pain relief. Can include an Add on for a longer treatment.

30 minutes:  $65

45 minutes:   $75

Physiokey - Pain Relief Therapy

For acute and chronic pain conditions, inflammation, swelling and spasms. For more information on Physiokey pain relief therapy go to the Physiokey page and read "What is Physiokey Therapy?" #Initial consultation and treatment minimum 45 minutes.

*** Some conditions are contraindicated for Physiokey therapy - see Physiokey page.

30 minutes:   $65   

45 minutes:    $75   

60 minutes:   $85

Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy the deep warmth from smooth Basalt stones as they gently glide over your body, removing all tension and stress from your muscles. You have a choice of beautiful aromatic oils that indulge your senses, giving you a wonderful feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. 

75 minutes:   $120

Body and Scalp Sensation

This is a full body “signature aromatherapy massage” with a deep conditioning hair mask and revitalizing scalp massage.

75 minutes:   $100

Autumn Spice Massage

This relaxing massage uses a beautiful body custard that has an exquisite spicy aroma.  It's made of natural fruit and plant butters and pure essential oils to hydrate and nourish your skin.

30 minutes:   $65

45 minutes:    $75

60 minutes:   $85

Pregnancy Massage

For the Mother-to-Be

This is a gentle massage style using an Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. It includes a foot soak and a deep conditioning hair treatment and scalp massage. *** Three months and over.

60 minutes:   $89

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Massage also includes a warm aromatic hydrating hair mask and scalp massage, leaving you with beautiful, shiny hair.

30 minutes:   $65

Back Bliss

Includes a salt scrub, a warm deep cleansing mask and a back massage.

45 minutes:   $75

Back Massage with Mini Facial

Two favourite treatments in one. Best Value!

60 minutes:   $90

Add On Treatments

Add a mini extra -  Cocoa Butter hand massage or a Peppermint Cream foot massage

                                     or a hydrating Hair Treatment with scalp massage to any treatment.

15 minutes:   $20

Relaxation Massage/#Physiokey

30 minutes:   $40

Paraffin Hand Treatment

**Only to a 2hr+ treatment

30 minutes:   $40

Facials - with Stem Organics Skin Care Products

All facials include a double cleanse, Clarisonic, exfoliation, mask, serums, moisturisation, hand or foot massage and hot towels.

30 minutes:  $65

45 minutes:   $75   - plus facial oil massage

60 minutes:  $85   - plus head massage and scalp treatment

Galvanic Spa Facial

Using galvanic current and special treatment ampoules to help smooth wrinkles and give deep hydration. **Some conditions contraindicated - pacemaker, epilepsy and pregnancy.

60 minutes:  $95

Hand and Foot Treatments

Foot Bliss

Relax with a mineral foot soak, exfoliation, rasping, a warm hydrating foot mask, reflexology, finishing with a Peppermint Cream lower leg and foot massage. 

45 minutes:  $75


A stimulating foot treatment working on the reflexes of the feet.

45 minutes:   $75

Paraffin Hand Treatment

Great for dry skin! Your hands will come out silky smooth and nourished. This heat therapy treatment can also help people with arthritis/fibromyalgia etc, as the heat increases blood flow and helps the muscles to relax.  Includes your choice of a neck and shoulder or foot massage.

**Appointment for this treatment requires 3+ hrs notice.  See also Add On Treatments.

**45 minutes:   $75

Therma Soft Foot Treatment

Using booties with self-healing Lava Gel and Soyaffin, you’ll have beaufifully warm silky soft feet. 

This is a Add On only treatment.  Include in a 45+ minute treatment.
Feet:   $25

Body Treatments

Full Body Mud Wrap

Experience a full body exfoliation, a warm detoxifying mud, hot towels, followed by a relaxing Signature Massage. This wrap also includes a face cleanse, misting, moisturisation and a scalp treatment.

2hrs:  $195

Full Body Exfoliation

A full body exfoliation using Stem Organics Refining Body Scrub.

Concluding with a moisturising massage.

75 minutes:   $100

Total Indulgence Package

Escape and totally relax whilst your body goes on an indulgent journey. The journey starts with an aromatherapy salt scrub, then a warm detoxifying mud is applied.

You are then cocooned in muslin and warm towels whilst you have a face cleanse, hair treatment and scalp massage. The mud is then removed with hot towels, followed by a Stem Organics facial and a hand and foot treatment. Using fruit, plant and herbal extracts, your skin will be rejuvenated and nourished. Includes Paraffin Hand Treatment!

195 minutes (3 1/4 hours):   $295

Appointments are Essential

Please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment to fill out a consultation form. In order to ensure availability of treatments, please book appointments in advance. Gift Voucher number must be quoted at time of booking and presented prior to treatment otherwise full payment is required. 

During Peak times we require credit card details to hold a booking or a 50% deposit for treatments 

45 minutes and over.

Out of consideration for other clients, a minimum of 24 hours' notice is required to cancel or reschedule any appointment.

Any booking breaching cancellation policy/or 'No Show' be charged 50% of treatment price or forfeit their deposit or gift voucher.  During Off Peak - treatments longer than 90 minutes require 50% deposit and have same cancellation requirements as above. 

Price and treatments may be subject to change.